Le Modèle de l’Occupation Humaine : s’approprier les concepts théoriques grâce aux expériences cliniques

The Model Of Human Occupation: Appropriating theoretical concepts through clinical experiences

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Summary :

The Model of Human Occupation (MOHO) is frequently used by occupational therapists around the world. In France, although MOHO is taught in Occupational Therapy Training Institutes, clinical practitioners in general have little understanding of this model. Some of them report difficulties grasping MOHO components (i.e.: volition, habituation...) which appear to be anglicisms. However, anglosaxon occupational therapists who use MOHO in their practice, have accepted that they need time to grasp it.

In this article, we will give some guidance so that French OT practitioners may understand MOHO, by first presenting the theoretical concepts of this model and then by describing some assessments and their therapeutic processes. We will then illustrate MOHO practice with presentations of two clinical interventions made at a social rehabilitation outpatient service called SAVS in French.

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