L’occupation en thérapie et la thérapie comme occupation

Occupation-based therapy and therapy as an occupation

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Summary :

The intention of this article is, through an analysis of the literature, to show how the occupational approach can be developed in interventions, particularly those that extract the client from his usual living environment. The characteristics of occupations are inventoried to explain what should be done in an occupational approach. The effectiveness and frequency of occupation-based interventions, and barriers encountered by occupational therapists in their practice are presented. It is shown that therapy uses activities rather than occupations because the properties of the concept are not satisfied in the context of therapies. Finally, it is noted that patients have occupations and endure occupational deprivation in healthcare settings and that, as a result, occupational therapists can focus on supporting the occupations of people in these environments and, above all, developing practices truly based on occupation by elaborating the therapy itself as an occupation.

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  • Sylvie Meyer

    Ergothérapeute dipl., MSc SI.

    Professeure associée
    Haute école de travail social et de la santé Lausanne
    Abeille 14
    1010 Lausanne

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