Enseignement d’ergothérapie sociale en France : co-construction de savoirs entre professionnelles, participantes et étudiantes

Teaching social occupational therapy in France: co-construction of knowledges between professionals, participants and students

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Summary :

Given the current new societal challenges, it seems fundamental that the education of occupational therapy students allows them to understand the historical, political, economical and social context in which they intervene, in order to rethink their role and their practice with individuals and collectives, within territories, on a macro and micro level. This article presents the Social Occupational Therapy teaching device offered since February 2022 by the PRACTS team and participants in order to address these questions. The device will be described, as well as the theoretical references on which it is based, the progress of a lesson and the feedback from students, participants and professionals. It appears that this teaching device produces transformations in the professionals, participants and students concerned. It allows students to grasp the elementary principles of this field of occupational therapy through the content discussed and the method used, in particular through the presence of the participants, as well as through the concrete experience of co-construction of knowledge and articulation between intervention, teaching and knowledge production. Finally, it feeds reflexions on practices in more traditional areas of occupational therapy.

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Article rédigé par :
  • Ana Marques

    Ergothérapeute, PhD en sociologie
    Responsable de PRACTS
    EPS Ville Évrard
    202 Avenue Jean Jaurès
    93330 Neuilly-sur-Marne

  • Roxane Chauvet

    Ergothérapeute DE
    PRACTS, EPS Ville Évrard
    202 Avenue Jean Jaurès
    93330 Neuilly-sur-Marne

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