Orientation professionnelle, vers le choix de l’ergothérapie

Vocational guidance, towards a choice for occupational therapy

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Summary :

In France, Occupational therapy is still little-known from the general public. The Instituts de formation en ergothérapie (IFE ; Occupational Therapy Training Institutes) are called upon to present and promote the profession to a wide audience during the orientation step, by means of actions carried out in a variety of contexts (high schools, videoconferences, careers and training fairs, open days, etc.). The media they use to disseminate information must therefore be adaptable.
A study of the needs of secondary school students, students in their first year of occupational therapy school and IFE trainers led to the development of three dematerialised educational materials, covering the profession, the training and job opportunities. These materials were developed using a user-centred approach. Through these materials, the diversity of occupational therapy has been represented while highlighting its DNA : occupation.
Initial tests of the materials highlighted : their ease of use, both in terms of interactivity and choice of vocabulary ; their attractive graphics, which made it easier for users to get involved ; and the generation of exchanges around occupational therapy, through the information acquired during the experiment.
These dematerialised, adaptable and complementary means of information seem appropriate to meet the needs of people undergoing vocational guidance and of the IFE teams, and to facilitate a strong representation of the profession of occupational therapy, which is necessary for commitment to initial training and the development of a professional identity. Avenues for development have been identified, and will be used to develop the ERGOTOUR suitcase.

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Article rédigé par :
  • Florine Levionnois

    Ergothérapeute MScSa,
    Parcours RG3PE – UPEC
    Formatrice à l’IFE de Montpellier (34)

  • Anaïs Giraudier

    Ergothérapeute MScSa,
    Parcours RG3PE – UPEC
    Formatrice à l’IFE de Marseille (13)

  • Sandrine Mennesson

    Ergothérapeute MScSa,
    Parcours RG3PE – UPEC
    Formatrice et chargée de projet
    79510 Coulon

  • François Prats

    Ergothérapeute MScSa,
    Parcours RG3PE – UPEC
    Praticien spécialisé en moyens auxiliaires
    Hôpital San Salvadour – APHP
    83400 Hyères

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