Ergothérapie en équipe spécialisée Alzheimer : vers une pratique centrée sur l’occupation à domicile

Occupational therapy in Specialised Alzheimer’s Teams: towards an occupation-centred practice at home

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Summary :

As occupational therapists in Specialised Alzheimer’s teams (ESA), we wondered about the possibilities of applying an occupation-centred approach in occupational therapy at home in the context of ESAs. Studies show that this approach and cognitive rehabilitation techniques have positive and lasting effects on the autonomy of people with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. These benefits are also found in the quality of life of family caregiver. The integration of occupational therapy models and occupation-centred assessments into this practice seems to be coherent and relevant. However, despite occupational therapists’ willingness to commit to this approach, practice remains rooted in a biomedical perspective. Two surveys targeting occupational therapists’ approach of care enabled us to identify the factors limiting this transition. Opportunities for improvement have emerged, such as the adaptation of working conditions, the transmission of know-how and the identification of missions by the different stakeholders.

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