Ergothérapie et prostitution : des pistes d’accompagnement à travers le prisme de la science de l’occupation

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Occupational Therapy & Prostitution: accompanying avenues in view of occupation science

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Summary :

Female sex workers and women victims of prostitution suffer from a lot of occupational injustices in relation to their environment. They are often engaged in productive activities but have rarely access to meaningful activities. In order to overcome this problem, associations play a significant role by en­abling them to have time for them, to create social bonds with other women in the same situation and to give them access to leisure activities that they couldn’t achieve otherwise. To understand the role of occupational therapists in association for female prostitutes, five semi-structured interviews were carried out with two female sex workers, two abolitionist association volunteers, one social worker employed in a community association and one occupational therapist who worked as a community animator for this public. The results of this empirical research give an overview of some accompanying avenues like relaxation, cooking, culture and expression activities. The goals would be especially to work around their needs, facilitate their dynamics of change and help them to accomplish their life projects. It could be by individual approach or during community actions according to their occupational profile.

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  • Maeva Folliet

    Ergothérapeute DE
    69003 Lyon

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