L’ergothérapie : un avenir hors les murs ?

Occupational therapy: a future outside the walls?

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Summary :

Occupational therapy has historically developed as a reaction to the institutionalisation of medical practice : as well as prioritising remediation or correction it added patient empowerment to its approach. Rather than characterising the individual in relation to a norm, occupational therapists strive, by adapting their practice, to open themselves to new opportunities, even if it means putting themselves into question. Relying on Michel Foucault’s work and our own practical experience with homelessness children, we are proposing an evolving form of occupational therapy, adapted to the challenges of the future, free from the constraints of traditional therapeutic frameworks.

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Article rédigé par :
  • Agathe de Chassey

    Ergothérapeute DE

  • Antoine Parzy

    Professeur de philosophie

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