Le jeu de la maison

Cocréation d’un outil thérapeutique autour du savoir habiter

The game of house

Co-creation of a therapeutic tool focusing on the knowledge of how to live at home

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Summary :

Experiencing daily life situations is not always possible for people hospitalized in a closed mental health unit. The living place, as a metaphor for psychic space, should be a safe and containing space, but for psychotic people whose identity construction is partial or fragile, this is not always the case. This is why the idea of creating a game around housing, “knowing how to live at home” and “being at home” emerged. The co-creation of this game also made it possible to highlight the notions of commitment, motivation and participation of patient-users. The game was then tested in different departments (admission, average stay, day hospital) with different objectives. Depending on the groups and the therapeutic intentions, it can allow a simple evaluation of daily life, work on the projection in the home or even deepen the skills and investment of the living space. Above all, it allows exchanges between participants about daily life at home and can be a support to a community approach, encouraging the sharing of knowledge. The therapist remains the guarantor of the group dynamics and must encourage exchanges in a dynamic and playful manner. However, the interests of such a tool still need to be objectified.

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Article rédigé par :
  • Muriel Launois

    Ergothérapeute DE
    CPN Laxou et CHRU Brabois

  • Charlène Pichon

    Ergothérapeute DE
    Centre hospitalier du Rouvray

  • Romain Picherit

    Ergothérapeute DE
    OHS de Lorraine

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