L’ergothérapie en Équipe mobile psychiatrie précarité

Exemple de l’Unité mobile d’action psychiatrie précarité (UMAPP) de Rouen

Occupational Therapy in Precarious Psychiatry Mobile Team

Example of the Unité Mobile d‘Action Psychiatrie Précarité (UMAPP) of Rouen

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Summary :

In France, the street world and the support of people in precarious situations have their own case agent, that of the social worker. These institutions, whose current economic and political situation is complex, will then be responsible for meeting the basic needs of emergency and survival : eating, sleeping, being safe. It is difficult, however, to sum up such a vast world in a single hut, and it is equally difficult for that single hut to meet all the needs of such a vast world. The occupational therapist, because of his holistic vision of the person and his accompaniment, seems to have a role to play with people in precarious situations and can prove to be a partner of choice for social workers. By focusing on the person as a being and not on the urgency of the situation, the occupational therapist can then respond to essential needs that are often put aside.

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  • Lucie Vivier

    Ergothérapeute, MSc.

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