Parcours de soins, de santé, de vie et ergothérapie : quels enjeux ?

Care, health, life pathways and occupational therapy: what challenges?

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Summary :

Whether we are questioning the care organization or the implementation of health actions in a more global way, focusing on physical, mental or social well-being, whether in the hospital or at home, the concept of pathway is at the heart of current concerns. This omnipresence is to be linked, on one hand, with the different demographic and societal developments of recent years and, on the other hand, with the political and strategic changes that our health system is currently experiencing. Thus, whether we mention the concepts of care, health or life pathways, this vision generates impacts for all stakeholders in the health system: evolution of patients or users, their expectations and their problems; evolution of structures, services and organizations; changes in professional practices, particularly in terms of coordination, mobilizing new skills and encouraging the emergence of new roles. All these changes are bringing new intervention opportunities for occupational therapists.
This article first proposes to define the different types of pathways and contextualize this thematic. Then, we will evoke several consequences including the shift to ambulatory care and the evolution of coordination professions, and finally consider the opportunities that arise for occupational therapists.

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Article rédigé par :
  • Amélie Saragoni

    Ergothérapeute DE
    Responsable des services à domicile

    Groupement hospitalier de l’Institut catholique de Lille
    Rue du Grand-But
    59160 Lomme

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