Ergothérapie et participation sociale : quels liens pour quelle pratique ?

De l'analyse des concepts aux modèles d'analyse de l'activité

Occupational therapy and social participation: which links for what practice?

From analysis of concepts to models of activity analysis

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Summary :

An examination of the concept of disability leads to questions concerning its component parts, the process and how to support it. Social participation is a new concept arising from a revision of the disability paradigm. It draws upon sociological, legal and identity factors. The question of social participation is not limited today to the inability (or ability) of the person to provide for his/her basic needs. It implies a reciprocal interaction between the person and his/her environment. It is therefore multi-factorial and takes into account the subjective reality of each individual, in relation to identity factors and the environment. This study sets out to analyse social participation from a semantic and conceptual perspective, based upon a review of the literature. Then by taking the discipline of occupational science as the keystone of occupational therapy it seeks to identify the links between occupational therapy and participation, drawing upon conceptual models centered on the person/environment/occupation system. More specifically, the study will lead to a comparative analysis of activity within four models in order to highlight the impact upon the consideration of social participation within occupational therapy.

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  • Géraldine Poriel

    MSc Santé publique spécialisation « Situation de handicap et participation sociale »
    Institut de formation en ergothérapie de Laval
    Pôle régional de formation santé social de Laval

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