Témoignage d’une personne en situation de handicap aidée par une auxiliaire de vie

Testimony of a handicapped person helped by a care giver

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Summary :

One of the fundamental tools which can be brought to a very dependent person for a better quality of daily living is their relationship with their caregiver. I propose to illustrate this relationship as one which may provide solutions to a severely disabled individual's needs. We will communicate two points of view: my own view as a physically dependent person and, in parallel, the view of one of my caregivers who is currently a final year psychology student. We will choose some concrete situations which show the principal elements of social participation (for example, our common experience using elevators, of wheelchair control on paved streets, or the use of the bus network). We will show how this participation, a priori trou-bled if I am confronted with these situations by myself, is restored by the intervention of a caregiver who accompanies me. This double point of view will allow a more impartial perspective and help to identify what works and what does not work to improve the quality of life and social participation of disabled persons. The report of these two different experiences within the same situation will be followed by a more analytical reflection on the human assistance relationship.

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Article rédigé par :
  • Anne-Lyse Chabert

    Post-doc de philosophie au laboratoire SPHERE de Paris-Diderot

  • Julie Lassault

    Étudiante en Master 2 de psychologie, spécialité neuropsychologie des perturbations cognitives

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