Accompagner la vie affective et sexuelle des personnes paralysées cérébrales : création d’un guide de pratique ergothérapique

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Supporting the emotional and sexual lives of people with cerebral palsy: creating a guide to occupational therapy practice

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Summary :

People with disabilities, specifically people with cerebral palsy, need support in their emotional and sexual lives. The occupational therapist, as an occupation specialist, could take this support into account, but this practice is rare, especially related to a feeling of incompetence and illegitimacy. In 2019, a Canadian occupational therapy practice guide was published on this topic for people with neuromuscular diseases. Therefore the objective of this research, based on this guide, was to determine the content of a practice guide for French occupational therapists working with people with cerebral palsy. For this purpose, a research protocol of the Delphi method was carried out. Twelve experts were selected to answer three rounds of questionnaires. Seventy-one proposals achieved the consensus. These are proposals for occupational therapy support concerning the needs related to the effectivity of the right to an emotional and sexual life, motor difficulties, sexual education and finally the support of the couple. The experts proposals have enabled the development of a first draft of the guide.

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  • Hélène Pavy

    Ergothérapeute DE

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