Promouvoir l’activité physique : une mission des ergothérapeutes

Promoting physical activity: a mission for occupational therapists

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Summary :

The French health system modernisation leads to a reorganisation of care practices. This evolution includes the development of assistive technology and home assistant automation, virtual reality and also the promotion of non-medicinal therapy such as physical activity.
Physical activity is admittedly sometimes still poorly identified and is the subject of various beliefs, but overall this concept is structured, defined and resonates as a vector of health.
As all Health professional, occupational therapists encourage and promote physical activity within their interventions.
This article illustrates Occupational Therapy's role in promoting physical activity and is intended to raise a debate and prompt new thinking in line with the current evolution of our profession.

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Article rédigé par :
  • Isabelle MARCHALOT

    Ergothérapeute DE
    Ingénieur formation, MSc.
    Cadre de santé
    IMPR Hérouville Saint Clair (14)

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