Préconisation des aides techniques numériques : vers une dynamique de mutualisation des compétences?

Recommending digital technical aids: towards a skills-sharing dynamic?

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Summary :

Because digital technology is growing in our daily activities, our occupational therapy practices are changing. Technological tools become essential supports, whether for the accessibility of everyday devices or for the use of dedicated digital technical aids. With our society that relies more than ever on digital technologies (CGE et al., 2023), it is becoming absolutely necessary to enable everyone to access these tools, according to their needs.
However, the recommendation of technical aids using digital technology is still a topic that concerns occupational therapists (Guimberteau, 2021). This situation, similar to a digital divide, hinders the recommendation of digital technical aids and communication.
How can the local occupational therapist ensure that his or her recommendations are in line with the constant evolution of compensation tools and methods? Faced with this evolution, some professionals have chosen to develop greater knowledge. Therefore, a collaboration between local professionals on the one hand and expert professionals on the other hand may be a solution allowing relevant and adapted recommendations of technical aids. The COM ataxie agreement signed between the ‘Association française de l’ataxie de Friedreich’ (AFAF) and the TechLab (APF France handicap) is an illustration of this type of collaboration.

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  • Guillemette Hessel-Balleyguier

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    TechLab, APF France handicap
    Plaine Images, Imaginarium
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  • Célia Guimberteau

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    Plate-Forme Nouvelles Technologies
    Hôpital Raymond-Poincaré AP-HP
    104 boulevard Raymond Poincaré
    92380 Garches

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