« Je suis ergothérapeute »

Impact des représentations socio-professionnelles sur la pratique et l’identité professionnelle des ergothérapeutes français

“I am an occupational therapist”

Impact of socio-professional representations on the practice and professional identity of French occupational therapists

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Summary :

Occupational therapy is a health profession that is constantly evolving. Having emerged at the beginning of the twentieth century, in France it remains globally unknown. Occupational therapists themselves sometimes find it difficult to clearly define their role. The research conducted in this article took place in two stages. Firstly, health professionals from all trades were questioned through the Delphi method on their definition of occupational therapy. The consensus obtained by this survey then allowed the construction of a questionnaire for French occupational therapists in order to connect different points of view. The results show that health professionals have a basic knowledge of the occupational therapist’s missions, but these depend essentially on their workplaces. On the other hand, occupational therapists partially validate the definition of their colleagues, but deplore a lack of knowledge of the wide range of skills of their profession and feel constrained in their practice by organizational and institutional factors. This research highlights the following phenomenon: occupational therapists face barriers in implementing their values-based practice and building a strong professional identity. Today occupational science is a powerful lever for the affirmation of our identity to consolidate a universal professional practice based on occupation.

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  • Laura Di Stefano

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