Migration forcée : les enjeux de la prise en soins en ergothérapie

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The challenges of Occupational Therapy care for people who have experienced forced migration

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Summary :

Some people’s lives are threatened by politics and conflicts in their native countries. This leads to forced migration. These migrations have important consequences on the physical, mental and social health of people who experience it. These people are prone to unfavorable health determinants and have health needs, including occupational needs. Occupation is a right; nevertheless, people are confronted with occupational injustices. The impact of these injustices affects all three spheres of occupation, in other words productive activities, leisure and personal care. Eleven qualitative interviews were conducted with four people who have experienced forced migration as well as four social workers and three occupational therapists who accompanied the study population. These interviews highlighted the potential actions of occupational therapists on the health determinants and the occupational injustices experienced by these individuals.

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  • Floriane Douarre

    Ergothérapeute DE

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