Addiction et entraînement aux habiletés sociales : apports de l’OCAIRS dans l’évaluation

Addiction and social skills training: contributions of OCAIRS in the assessment

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Summary :

At the Addipsy, an addictology and psychiatric outpatient center in Lyon, the multidisciplinary assessment in addictology allows the persons in care to be supported in their therapeutic choices. The occupational therapy assessment inspired by the Model of Human Occupation, uses amongst others, the Occupational Circumstances Assessment Interview and Rating Scale (OCAIRS), a semi-structured interview grid which helps define the person’s occupational participation. This tool is particularly interesting to be used in Occupational Therapy when working with persons suffering from addictions. Indeed, occupational imbalances are a major risk factor in using substances. Amongst these occupational imbalances, there is the unexpected.
In this article, the assessment protocol is presented through a clinical vignette, then the objectives and the content of the group “unexpected” working on the capacity of adaptation are detailed. After the multidisciplinary assessment, the outpatient can participate in this group facilitated by the Occupational Therapist, in order to be supported in their capacities to manage unexpected events which often are unsettling and triggering additive behaviour.

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Article rédigé par :
  • Claire Pignard

    Ergothérapeute DE CAMSP
    Vienne (38)

  • Éric Peyron

    Psychiatre addictologue
    Clinique Belmont
    Genève, Suisse

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