Activité productive des personnes en situation d’obésité : l’impact de la discrimination sur leur engagement

Productive activity of people with obesity: the impact of discrimination on their engagement

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Summary :

Context. Productive activity has an important value in our society, but there may be obstacles to its realization. The judgment of others marginalizes disability. People who are obese are discriminated against, even in their productive activity.
Objective. Understand the influence of a discriminating social environment on the engagement of obese people in their productive activity, through their perception of competence.
Method. Three obese women were interviewed. Two participated in a group interview, and one participated in an individual interview. The method chosen to collect the information is the structured interview, as it allows qualitative information to be obtained. A thematic analysis made it possible to categorize the information, and then co-occurrences analysis made it possible to observe links between the themes.
Results. Discrimination does not reduce the engagement of obese people in their productive activity. On contrary, these people develop a very strong engagement in this activity. But they seem to disengage from social activities. Discrimination does not appear to affect a perception of competence, but it does appear to reduce a perception of affiliation. People with obesity develop many strategies to avoid discrimination. Discrimination in productive activity has negative effects on the health of obese people.
Conclusion. It would be important in occupational therapy practice to develop a holistic approach to the individual considering the social determinants of health. Generally, it would be wise for the occupational therapist to take possible stigmatizations into account. This helps to improve the quality of life of obese people by helping them regain occupational balance.

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  • Charlotte Tuffigo

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