L’exercice coordonné en Maison de santé pluriprofessionnelle : enjeux organisationnels et dynamiques pluriprofessionnelles

Coordinated practice in Multiprofesional Houses: Organizational issues and multiprofessional dynamics

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Summary :

Background. Multiprofessional Health Houses (MSPs) are first-line care facilities that try to address several issues such as effective cooperation between professionals for coordinated care of the patient.

Objective. We try here to understand how MSPs participate in the coordination of the care course. We want to examine the modalities of the coordinated exercise and its meaning for the actors involved.

Method. A questionnaire was sent to 32 MSPs in Ile-de-France and 9 interviews were carried out.

Results. This form of multi-professional grouping improves the practitioners’ quality of life. Various mechanisms for coordination of care are formalized there, the New Modes of Remuneration participate in their development. The maturity of the teams and their health project condition the implementation of care coordination mechanisms and partnerships with the external structures.

Discussion / Conclusion. The study shows that MSPs offer a way to improve coordination of care. It allows describing obstacles and facilitators in the implementation of the multi-professional work.

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