Ergothérapie et maintien en emploi des personnes malentendantes

Occupational therapy and job retention for people with hearing impairment

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Summary :

In this article, I attempt to describe, as an occupational therapist within the Urapeda (Regional Union of the associations of parents of children with hearing impairments), in Burgundy-Franche-Comté, the process implemented in order to support job retention for those who have become deaf or hearing impaired. In order to accomplish this, I have incorporated my competencies as an occupational therapist, reinforced by the knowledge gained during a university training course in audition. This process is founded in the humanist model, proposing principles that enable employees with disability to take ownership of their professional futures and to develop their communication competencies. The work of the occupational therapist is articulated around the evaluation of functional capacity in audition, then activity analysis in the work context. This is conducted from the perspective of communication situations, aiming to elicit needs in terms of technical or organisational adaptations. Finally, recommendations underscore the need for a predetermined network of professionals who are competent and trained in deafness and hearing impairment, as well as the rigorous implication of the hearing impaired person’s professional circle of co-workers.

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  • Milène LEROY

    DU « Préparation aux métiers de la communication entre sourds et entendants »
    ESIT, Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle (2015)

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