Un exemple d’accompagnement autour des aides techniques dans le département de la Sarthe

An example of care about technical aids in the Sarthe region

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Summary :

Since its creation in 1999, the Centre for Information and Advice on Technical Aids (CICAT) has seen its missions evolve. Originally, its mission was to provide information and advice about technical aids to professionals and individuals in the region. At the beginning of 2017, following the development of financial resources to promote ageing well at home with the Conferences of funders for the prevention of loss of independences (CFPPA), the CICAT was able to set up individual and collective actions in the department for people over 60. The following year, an innovative experiment supported by the Sarthe Department, the Technicothèque, was set up with the CICAT as the logistical operator. This scheme combines a circular economy for technical aids with administrative and financial support to encourage their acquisition. Occupational therapists support people through the entire process of acquiring technical aids.
The CICAT is also part of the national experiment EqLAAT: local support team on technical aids since September 2021. This new mission complements the existing ones and allows for intervention at home without age restrictions while remaining complementary to the existing teams.

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  • Delphine GOUTARD

    Ergothérapeute DE
    CICAT des Pays de la Loire
    1, rue des Maillets
    72000 LE MANS

  • Raphaela Egli

    Ergothérapeute DE, coordinatrice
    CICAT des Pays de la Loire
    1, rue des Maillets
    72000 LE MANS

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