Entreprises et handicap : l’ergothérapeute comme catalyseur de la rencontre entre ces deux mondes ? Vers un partenariat ergothérapeute-entreprise

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Companies and disability: the occupational therapist as a catalyst between two worlds

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Summary :

Background. All people have the right to participate in productive work. Actually, companies and disabled persons are far from a natural habit of collaboration. Occupational therapists have the expertise to enable people’s participation in work-related places.
Research question. Can occupational therapists help ordinary workplaces becoming more positive and inclusive? Are companies interested by occupational therapists’ skills? If so, how can this cooperation be implemented?
Method. A fictitious offer that could be proposed by an occupational therapist in this special field was created and tested by companies. Semi-directive interviews were conducted with disability representative bodies from a heterogeneous sample of companies in order to answer this question. Thematic comparative analysis was conducted.
Results. In regard to the different company organisations and profiles, some needs and interests for the occupational therapist intervention have emerged. Some paths worth exploring have been highlighted to set up a possible partnership.
Conclusion. The pertinence of occupational therapy interventions directly to companies seems to be confirmed. Further explorations would be useful before materializing this close collaboration between occupational therapy and professional workplaces.

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  • Virginie Druguet

    Ergothérapeute DE

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