Équilibre occupationnel des étudiants en ergothérapie durant le premier confinement français

Occupational balance of occupational therapy students during the first French confinement

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Summary :

Context. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the confinement is a major phenomenon in the lives of many French people. It has limited the participation of many people in their activities, disrupting their occupational balance. Among them, the occupational therapy students had to deal with the educational continuity necessary for their training and their sometimes difficult living conditions in order to adapt to this exceptional situation.
Aim. Identify the impact of confinement on the students occupational balance and on the process of their professional development.
Method. A mixed method is used with an online questionnaire given to all the students in occupational therapy in Toulouse along with three loosely structured interviews with one student in each course.
Results. 64 students took part in the study. Confinement upset the occupational balance of this population, causing difficulties in their educational development and in their well-being. Nevertheless, during this time students’ professional development has also evolved along with their understanding of occupational concepts.

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  • Olivier Dujardin

    Ergothérapeute DE
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