Installation posturale et mobilité en décubitus

Postural installation and mobility in supine position

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Summary :

An occupational therapist’s work with people suffering from neuromuscular diseases requires various interventions concerning different aspects of daily life, from seated positioning to the participation in daily living activities. The seated positioning has become a well-known and well-identified subject by the different therapists. However, the installation must also consider the supine positioning of these patients, whose mobility is weak or non-existent. In fact, the time spent in bed represents a big part of the day and some postures are simpler to introduce and to tolerate while laying down. The posture and nighttime position matters are wide and concern assistive technologies, equipment but also more commonly used devices.

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Article rédigé par :
  • Aurélie Barrière

    Ergothérapeute DE
    Hôpital femme-mère-enfant « L’Escale » Bron (69)

  • Pierre-Alexandre Eblé

    Chef de projet
    AFM Téléthon

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