Ergothérapie et télésoin : revue de littérature

Occupational therapy and telecare : a literature review

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Summary :

Context. Telecare is becoming more and more common in the practice of occupational therapists internationally. It has been introduced in France since 2019 for medical auxiliaries but the absence of regulations prohibited its use until then. During the health crisis linked to Covid-19, in April 2020, occupational therapists were able to use it in a derogatory manner. Since June 2021, the application decrees have brought it into the common law.
Objective. This study aims to present the current data on telecare practiced by occupational therapists in different countries in order to contribute to its development in France and to the definition of rules of good practice.
Method. The review was based on an inventory of scientific publications and reference texts on the subject covering a period of fifteen years (2007-2021) using several databases. Studies that did not include occupational therapy services were excluded. All categories of pathology, age, interventions or technological tools were included.
Results. 31 scientific studies provided evidence, identified barriers and perspectives for further research.
Discussion. Data from international studies confirm the feasibility of telecare in occupational therapy for many clinical situations and all kinds of interventions. Its use must be based on a clinically guided approach and usual ethical considerations.
Conclusion. To support the development of telecare, limits remain to be overcome, more in-depth studies must be implemented and the training of professionals should be considered.

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Article rédigé par :
  • Gaëlle Riou

    Ergothérapeute DE MSc psychologie clinique
    Membre du groupe d’intérêt de l’ANFE sur le télésoin

    Centre hospitalier de Dreux
    Unité pour adolescents et jeunes adultes (ADAJ)
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  • Hélène Cariteau

    Ergothérapeute DE
    CHU de Clermont-Ferrand
    Étudiante au Master RG3PE
    Membre du groupe d’intérêt de l’ANFE sur le télésoin

  • Nicolas Biard

    Ergothérapeute, PhD
    Directeur Technique, ANFE
    Chercheur associé, ERPHAN
    Université Paris-Saclay, UVSQ

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