L’ergothérapie au Vietnam, par les Vietnamiens

Occupational therapy in Vietnam, by Vietnamese people

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Summary :

In Vietnam, occupational therapy is beginning. While expatriate foreigners or volunteers are already practicing it, the very first occupational therapy program just opened for Vietnamese people and two pilot cohorts are currently in training. This qualitative research focuses on those students’ point of view on the profession in the context and culture of their own country.
Nine students from Ho Chi Minh City class have been interviewed, as well as one of their teachers, a Danish occupational therapist. The interviews covered the students’ background, their professional project after graduating, and where occupational therapy will stand in the socio-medical environment and the Vietnamese culture.
Occupational therapy is unknown in Vietnam and some of its core values are new in the Vietnamese medical culture. So, the future occupational therapists will be facing a complex but no less passionate challenge : shaping and developing occupational therapy in the Vietnamese context.

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  • Anne-Cécile Delaisse

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