La théorie du Flow et l’ergothérapie

Flow Theory and Occupational Therapy

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Summary :

Occupational therapists have been interested in Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow theory for a long time because it seems to describe people’s commitment to their occupations particularly well when these occupations are motivating, responsive and energizing. Much research has been done to describe the optimal experience or Flow, some of which are performed by occupational therapists. Recently, a link with the reversal theory in psychology has been done by Wright et al. (2014) making it possible to describe the optimal experience with more complexity. Occupational therapists can draw on these different researches to best adapt their intervention to patients / clients in occupational therapy.

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Article rédigé par :
  • Marie-Chantal Morel-Bracq

    Ergothérapeute, MSc Educ
    Directeur des soins honoraire
    Bordeaux, France

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